Saturday, May 23, 2009

Every day has a new beginning

So after a good long time of writing on my Myspace Blog I've decided to create a bit of a dedicated outlet for my various ramblings. After seeing anywhere from 800-1000 views a week for the past couple of months it just kind of makes sense. I don't know who all reads my writings, or even if anyone cares- but it seems that if anyone out there takes any kind of interest in what it is that happens in my life or what I have to say about things, than this might just be worth while.

Then beyond the simple every day shinanigans that seem to envelope my life I have several endeavours currently in the works that it would be great to keep people updated on through my blog. Most important out of all of these is my new apparel upstart- Murder Mitten Creations. After seeing some of the lackluster crafts and detroit-made clothing\accessories at a few of the local crafting shows my friend Sarah Smith and I made the decision to start designing and marketing our own line.

Things are still in the works in terms of design asthetic, general style, and vision- but we do know that we want to really put some of the best things about the Metro-Detroit scene on display- past and present.

So here, on top of my ramblings on what can only be considered the mental cost of my own common sense, you'll also catch updates and previews on design, methodology, and whatever else I can come up with- politics, religion, friendship, and love

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