Saturday, May 23, 2009

Need a chance, can't say goodbye- wish I could set things right tonight...

Holiday weekends are by far the worst to work in a restaurant in the summertime. Most of the people that would normally be going out to eat are staying home to grill or are on vacation, leaving not only a slow restaurant but a slow restaurant infested by people that normally never go out to eat and are "splurging"- i.e. don't know how to tip.

It's so frustrating to come in to work at 12:15 work until well after 8:00 and only walk out with seventy dollars. I feel like I'm at Red Lobster all over again. Add that to the not quite feeling too well and it's a little bit of double trouble!

On the up side though, I've been spending an increasing amount of time with a new someone special, and I have to admit- I'm pretty smitten. This girl is the embodyment of so much that I knew I have been missing but never really wanted to admit. She has this sense of humor that just follows the same vein as mine, she is willing to listen to my babble on about cars and actually asks questions and is interested in what I have to say, is happily in to adventure, loves all of the same music as I do, is a beer drinker, able to actually talk to my friends without scowling, and is just all around awesome.

I think more than all of that though, it just comes down to the point that she is 100% supportive of all of the things that I've brought up. I have been reconnecting with my Faith more and more over the past few months, and she is very passionate about God. We have open discussions about faith and the role it plays in both of our lives and rather than feeling like how I worship is a burdeon she understands and offers her hand and heart to me if I want it. You can tell though, that from the way she says these things, she isn't just saying them to be nice- she means every word.

Then there is Murder Mitten. I've brought up the concept to her a few times and she is actually really excited for me. I bounce ideas off of her, she offers advice on how to build up the grass roots marketing, gives me ideas for products, and is pushing me to put together a facebook\myspace and maybe even a website. Yesterday while we were waiting in lines at Cedar Point I just bounced ideas off her left and right, eventually building such a cool list of ideas and promotion plans that this might actually get off the ground. It won't be just one more thing that has gone down the drain, this is something that could actually work.

And the scary part is just how short of a time I've known her. I keep having to remind myself that we haven't really gotten to know eachother super super well yet, and that if this is how I feel about her after just this little bit of time- who knows what it's going to be like in a few months?

Life is turning around little by little every day. I finally feel like I've found the stride I had been looking for for so long. A big "Thank you," goes out to each and every person that has touched my life in the past couple of months to help me really get past all of the bricks I had put in my backpack. You are all amazing people and have each given a unique piece to the puzzle of recovery I've put together.

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Sarah said...

I miss you lots and hope I get a chance to meet said girl when I am home!!

Counting down the days!!!!